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So.. we’ve said goodbye to 2023. We’ve made, & possibly already forgotten about, some New Year’s resolutions, and now, here are the snowdrops.. that first sign that spring is not too far away.

We might well have things we’d rather leave behind from the previous year, and hopefully there’ll be some things we’re happy to bring foward with us.

Yet, what does it mean to leave something behind?

We may not want to be reminded of some things, yet, unless we’ve worked through the issues surrounding them, in a way that truly enables us to let them go, they will probably not be far away, possibly recurring when least wanted, as if from nowhere, from some hidden trigger.

The work I do includes Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which can help people to release from the issues and difficulties they want to let go.

EFT can also help people to feel calmer if they are worried about something, or feeling anxious.

What’s more, once you know how to use EFT, it’s something you can take with you to use yourself, as a strategy to help you in challenging situations.

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I can work face to face in person, yet a lot of my work is also online, which means if you live further away we can easily work together..


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