Emotional Freedom Technique is known as EFT or Tapping. It can help you release anxiety and emotional blocks that hold you back.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Feeling more in control by letting go of Stress or Anxiety with EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique is also known as EFT, or Tapping. It can help you to let go of stress or anxiety about a situation. This, in turn, will help you to achieve a feeling of calm.

Imagine the sense of poise and self-control, where you feel calm enough to remain fully ‘present’ because you aren’t being toppled off your guard through feeling nervous, worried or anxious; and you can just concentrate on the issue at hand.

EFT is particularly helpful to use after a difficult situation or event. It’s brilliant helping to reduce anxiety, so you can feel more settled after an emotional upset. Yet, it also works in many other ways. Think of an event you might be worried about: for example, do you have a fear of public speaking? Or are you feeling nervous before an interview or an exam? ‘Tapping’ can help you feel calmer in the face of such challenging situations.

EFT: a multi-faceted tool that can be beneficial in many ways:

Emotional Freedom Technique is recognised worldwide as being effective to help people cope or manage with a wide range of issues and situations. These include: lack of self esteem, self-doubt, lack of confidence, feeling stuck, anxiety, emotional pain, physical pain, and depression. Read on to find out more..

Use Emotional Freedom Technique to discover what is holding you back:

Discover and let go of what is holding you back using EFT. It is an extremely versatile tool and it is helpful in a variety of situations.

EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping

In addition to the more quick-fix situations as mentioned above, it’s recognised as being helpful for people with P.T.S.D.

Whatsmore, it can be used to reduce both emotional and physical pain. It is a gentle, non-invasive treatment; and once you have learnt how to use EFT, you can begin to practice with this technique for yourself. This can be so helpful in many ways; particularly if you suddenly find yourself facing a situation you feel challenged by or unsure how to manage.

How do you use ‘Tapping’?

We work together, and together we speak about what the issue is, as we tap on the recognised points around the upper body. This helps you begin to let go of anxiety or stress about the situation. I know it sounds incredible! – It is!

In addition, this process often also helps you begin to identify possible further issues or worries that are connected to that original situation.

I guide you through the process. The brilliant thing is, you hold the beginnings of all the answers for you, and with the help of these gentle techniques, you are well placed to start to find them.

Emotional Freedom Technique has been identified as being helpful for people with anxiety, stress, weight issues, and pain, as well as helping people let go of and resolve past traumas. If you feel this can be helpful to you, send me a message and we can discuss how it might be beneficial for you.

I regularly use EFT in my work and I fully recommend the value of tapping because it is so versatile and effective.

If you feel that this might be beneficial for you, please send me a message and we can arrange to chat.

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Emotional Freedom Technique is known as EFT. It is sometimes known as Tapping.

Emotional Freedom Technique was developed by EFT Founder, Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, Gary Craig,  during the the 1990’s, using the ‘tapping’ points of acupuncture meridian lines.. 

I became aware of EFT around 2006. My initial introduction was through a friend; EFT Practitioner, Gill Edwards. I then worked through the training videos of EFT Founder, Gary Craig. In 2019, I trained as an EFT  & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with Karl Dawson, EFT Practitioner and Founding Master, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Director of Training EFTMRA.

Karl trained, both as an EFT Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner, with Gary Craig and he is one of only 29 EFT Masters trained by Gary Craig, worldwide. Karl is also the co-author of two books about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting: Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT’ and ‘Transform Your Beliefs. Transform your Life’ .