Matrix Reimprinting (EFTMRA) 

Matrix Reimprinting helps people to transform from difficulties of the past.

It can set us free from limiting beliefs that hold us back, and from the emotional reactions that have developed because of them.

These beliefs can operate from the background; we often don’t even know they are there. Until we find them. In Matrix Reimprinting we can do just that, and then we can also use Matrix Reimprinting to let them go.

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Letting go of old beliefs with Matrix Reimprinting

This can be like a transformation, and it can help you to start seeing the world in quite different and more positive ways. That’s because, often many of our beliefs were formed as a child. We didn’t have the tools or the ability to make adult style decisions or beliefs.

Matrix Reimprinting uses the tapping points of EFT to help find an old belief and then to transform and release it.

We can update the old beliefs to something more appropriate to the adults we are. An example might be that you believe you can’t succeed, for instance, or you believe you’re ‘not good enough.’

A belief could well have been made when you were young. Possibly, for example, because of an off the cuff remark that may, or may not, have been meant unkindly, such as, “Ah, she’ll never manage to do that!” or “He’s not clever enough to get through.”  Sometimes we hear these sorts of comments on and off throughout our childhood, and we might start to believe what we’ve heard. – Perception is all. Yet until you find this belief, which you might not remember because it was so long ago, it is likely to steer your thoughts and actions.

Operating from old beliefs

A belief might be that all dogs are dangerous. Or, it could be that you believe you can’t be successful in what you want to do.

What usually happens is that you can’t properly remember making such a ‘belief’, or even when you made it; yet, until you change it, you’re likely to operate in your world, as if it’s true. Matrix Reimprinting can help you to find these old beliefs, and once you find a belief like that, Matrix Reimprinting can help you to change it to a new, more positive belief that works better for you. From there, you can develop new insights and approaches. For example, if you change that belief to, ‘I can succeed!’, you’re much more likely to do just that, and also to take a completely different approach to the world, from the one you had when you carried that old belief that you couldn’t.

Matrix Reimprinting can be helpful with many different issues, including relationship difficulties, anxiety, trauma, depression, phobias, and weight loss. 

If this seems like it might be beneficial to you, send me a message and we can arrange to chat about what’s happening for you.

If you feel that this might be helpful for you, send me a message and we can arrange to chat.


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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting was developed in 2006 by Karl Dawson, Master EFT Practitioner, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Director of Training EFTMRA. 

I first became aware of Matrix Reimprinting around 2010 through discussions with a friend and EFT practitioner, Gill Edwards.

In 2019, I trained as an EFT  & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with Karl Dawson, EFT Practitioner and Founding Master, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Director of Training EFTMRA.

Karl trained, both as an EFT Practitioner and EFT Master Practitioner, with Gary Craig and he is one of only 29 EFT Masters trained by Gary Craig, worldwide. Karl is the Founder of Matrix Reimprinting. He is also the co-author of two books about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting: Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT’ and ‘Transform Your Beliefs. Transform your Life’ .