Are your relationships working the way you want them to?   Is there a particular relationship you’re struggling with?  What are the relationship issues you need to work through?            

Identify your relationship issues and discover what is keeping you stuck; set yourself realistic, achievable goals and boundaries, and learn to move forward in ways that work for you and those you love. Relationships that seem doomed, can blossom.

Relationships can be the joy that fills the day. They can bring the sunshine after a challenging meeting or work day, or a smile during the most difficult of times. What’smore, a fulfilling partnership based on trust and healthy communication can feel as solid and firm as the rock beneath your feet. It can offer the support that you know will see you through.

Yet, we can also come across relationship issues that are much more challenging. Ones that prove difficult to solve. They might leave you feeling isolated, struggling to connect. Or with a sense that barriers are preventing you from pulling things back together.

Maybe a particular behaviour leaves you feeling puzzled, unsure of how you feel.

In what ways is communication working or struggling for you at the moment? Ongoing relationship issues might be with a partner,  a colleague,  or a parent. You might find yourself asking: ‘Why are things so difficult..?’ or maybe, ‘What do I want..?’ or, ‘What next..?’

Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues can be complex, and ways forward can seem impossible.

Yet there are often positive ways forward that can help re-ignite love and friendship. Imagine setting a difficult work relationship on more solid ground with the potential for a fruitful way forward.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting can be helpful when working with relationship issues and challenges:

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can help you to find out more about how ‘you’ interpret the world. This includes your relationships. If you feel worried about an upcoming situation or event with someone, for example, EFT can help you learn to understand more about why you feel worried. It can also help you reduce, your worry or anxiety around the issue, so you can manage it more successfully.

Relationship Issues

Sometimes, a relationship can seem like an uphill struggle in the cold; yet does it have to be that way? Sue Birkett. Life Coach. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting.

“gave me great coping skill …brought the sun out again.” J.B.

Do you have an upcoming challenging situation? Perhaps an event at work where you’ll be expected to take part? Or a potentially difficult conversation with someone you care for? EFT can help you to feel much more calm beforehand, which, in turn, can result in you staying more ‘present’ and connected during the situation. EFT can also be used after an event to ‘tap’ away any self-doubts that can so easily come seeping in.

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, a relationship may be at an end: we might wonder how we’ll cope, or which way forward?

I must admit, these aren’t always easy options, as of course, we often just learn as we go along. Yet somehow that’s one of the amazing things about us humans. It’s likely to be the setbacks in our lives and relationships that we learn from, and that then give us the impetus to explore different directions.

EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy and NLP can all be helpful when you’re managing complex emotions, in, or at the end of a relationship. It’s also worth being aware that emotions at the end of a relationship will usually include a deep feeling of grief, which may be experienced on many levels.  

And what about our children?

We love our children beyond measure, yet, naturally, we can sometimes feel quite challenged by them. we can often feel unsure how to resolve some of the issues that might arise with the young people we love and care for. Even as they grow, we continue to love and to care, which will display in many ways.

If, for example, a young adult in your life is leaving home for the first time, you may be feeling both excited for them, yet possibly a bit bereft or torn. You naturally want them to fulfill their potential, and yet you’re likely to wonder how life will be for them, and perhaps for you, once they have left home. And, of course, all these feelings are natural.

 Allowing ourselves to move forward can be both challenging and rewarding

It can sometimes be difficult to imagine moving forward, either within an existing relationship that has seen challenges, or outside of an existing or recent relationship. If you’re struggling with any of these issues do send me a message.

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