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What People are Saying…


February 2024

The combination of techniques, skills, wisdom, generosity and care that Sue has been able to share during our sessions, has, enabled me to feel secure, safely explore and access deep trauma, gain a clear understanding and achieve healing.

My levels of stress, anxiety, PST and grief have greatly reduced, I have gained knowledge about self-care techniques and although at times challenging, I have benefitted from some profound moments, that have, greatly contributed towards inner growth and overall emotional / spiritual resilience.

It has been a privelege working with Sue I feel I have benefitted on many levels, I have particularly valued the PST work, which was only made possible though Sue’s techniques, intuition and insight.

Thank you lovely gifted lady x      H.B.


January 2024

I recently had several EFT sessions with Sue.

I cannot recommend them enough!

I instantly felt so safe, which was crucial to my ability to share and feel comfortable in my vulnerability.

I felt so guided through the whole process…..which brought me to a place of deeper understanding about myself…..and I was able to move through some very challenging emotions with relative ease…….and sometimes even humour!

Even after only a few sessions, I am already feeling like I have taken giant leaps and am aware of being so much more relaxed and calm about my life situation.

Thank you so much Sue, for all your compassionate support, wisdom and guidance.     Gabriella S.


November 2023

Changes in view point:

1. Pills – instead of forgetting to take them once or three times a week, now, once or twice a month & improving.

2. “I am ‘people’ too. Now realise that looking after my own mental and physical well being is as important as looking after family members and friends.

3. ‘No guilt’ resignationtions in areas where I feel overfaced.

Worked well:  Talking through things.

Not sure how well the hypnosis and tapping worked. Not sure how well the small steps approach works for me concerning eating. Not eating one food can mean I eat more of something else equally bad! However continue to try.

The sessions were nothing like I expected when I first booked them but I have found the outcomes extremely positive and they have certainly put me back on track to reducing my Hba1c. I feel more that I am in control of my actions and how I perceive the actions of others on what I do and the choices I make. Thank you Sue.   C.R.


June 2023

“Thanks to the sessions with Sue I was able to find again my inner peace, where fear and panic are not the leaders of my actions. Sue is a great listener and guide. Sue is very gentle in her approach, very kind and loving. I loved the herbal drinks, the sunny, full of light room, we were meeting. Even though I felt tired after our sessions, I could recognise the processes of the healing. It was a good way into finding myself again. I have not found all the answers yet, so I think I will be back seeing Sue again, as I believe this is a process that works.”     Nisha.


November 2022

“There was no way I was going to fly, then I went for a session with Sue and found the way. I can use the imagery as and when I need to reinforce the ‘way’. ”     Mary.


October 2021 & September 2022

Letting go of Stress to find Calm Sue Birkett. Life Coach. EFT. NLP.

“Having lived for at least 15 years with anxiety, panic attacks and fear of going out socialising I really didn’t think I would ever get my old life back. I use to love going out and socialising, I wanted to be the old me. I had so many things I still wanted to do but couldn’t.

Sue helped me to be realistic and optimistic as to what I could achieve with the right tools. We set simple goals that were achievable and if I couldn’t do it that didn’t matter. She asked me to look in the mirror and say I love myself. I couldn’t even look at myself without thinking how ugly and useless I was. I’ve never loved myself or who I am and certainly could not say I love you to myself.

Tapping has been amazing…

EFT can reduce worry. Sue Birkett. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

“Tapping has been amazing for me and I use this whenever I start to feel anxious or in a situation I feel uneasy about. It really does help to refocus my thoughts & feelings. Moving thoughts on is also a great tool, it stops me focusing on usually a negative thought and dwelling on it which then causes me anxiety.

Learning that I need to look after myself and be kind and nurturing to myself is also very important. I make sure I take time out of my day for me. The relaxation and breathing Sue has taught me helps to ground me and my thoughts and to unwind. Relaxation, walking, pampering are all things I now make time to do.

I realise that living with heightened anxiety is bad for your physical and mental well-being. 

A big step to ask for help…

“Its a big step to accept help and I didn’t truly believe that it would help me. But, I decided to put my all into it and give it a try.

If I didn’t feel comfortable with something I knew I could say or stop at any time. Knowing this made it easier for me as I didn’t feel any pressure to do or say anything I didn’t want to. 

Get in touch with You… Sue Birkett. Life Coach. EFT.

I have now achieved…

“I have now achieved things I did not believe were possible: –

Going to the cinema, socialising, partying, riding on a beach, my sons wedding, having a relationship, holidays. I now want to go out. I need a new diary to put in all the events I have planned for the future.

This will be my first New Year’s Eve party in 18 years.

I was first up dancing at my sons wedding.

Thank you so much Sue for giving me back me!!! I can now stand in front of the mirror and tell myself I love you and you are important and worthy. I’m buzzing on life now and cant wait to start my new life again.”     K.M.



& 11 months later…

September 2022

“Hi I hope you are well. I wanted to update you…I got on a plane and in Turkey, no anxiety at all which is a first. I white water rafted down rapids and wore a size small life vest…😁. I’m loving life and the new me and having the best fun. Thankyou x x ”      K.M.


August 2021

“I would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, sensitive and deeply passionate coach. I wouldn’t be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without Sue’s support.”      Emily.


September 2018

“gave me great coping skill …bought the sun out again”     J.B. – 


May 2018

“Sue’s techniques guide and illuminate issues that are buried deep and cleverly disguised by years of social and emotional  conditioning. The sessions are safe and enlivening while at the same time challenging, gently coaxing you to explore issues from different perspectives. Incredible revelations!”       Mary P.


  April 2018                               

“Sue turns a light on, so people can see where they’re going.”     J.E.


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